Death at Delphi

Whose bones lie in Caroline’s grave?

A mysterious drowning. A dead person seen alive. A secret society reviving ancient rites. Rumours of smuggling, espionage and betrayal.

When a handsome stranger asks Jayne for help, her quest takes her to Greece where a web of lies, intrigue, and jealousy is soon laid bare.

Can Jayne solve the deadly mystery before time runs out?

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“This well written and interesting story, populated with a great set of characters, keeps you guessing from the first page right to the very end. Fans of Agatha Christie’s international whodunnits, like Death on the Nile and Murder on the Orient Express, will enjoy this story with its updated setting and characters” – M.P. Peacock

“If you enjoy Agatha Christie’s mysteries you should enjoy Death At Delphi. I loved the book! Death At Delphi ticked the two most important elements I look for in a book – strong characters and a solid storyline” – Lisa Denn

“A great, fast paced mystery with just the right amount of twists and turns and red herrings to keep you guessing!” – Pauline Anne

“A very Christie-like atmosphere, especially reminding of the ‘international’ Christies – young women abroad stumbling into mystery” – Marina Sinelnikova

“A fantastic, intriguing read that kept me guessing until the very end. There were several times when I (literally) had a shiver down my spine when a revelation was given” – T G Campbell

“Death at Delphi is a fun, cozy mystery that has great characters and a compelling plot that kept me on my toes” – Sean