The Lock

“You have to help me. She’s going to kill my father.”

Perry reluctantly gets embroiled in a murder investigation when a young girl begs him for help.

But Rose is not the only one seeking his legendary lockpicking skills.

Shadowy characters from his past have a bargain for him: will he accept their terms for Rose’s sake?

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“Great mystery! A good ol’ English whodunnit with an unusual amateur sleuth!” – Pauline Anne

“The more you learn about [Perry Beck] the more intrigued you become by this enigmatic, yet realistically drawn, man. You feel like his personality comes through on every page and you’re cheering him on at the dramatic climax of the mystery. I had literal shivers when the culprit was revealed” – T G Campbell

“I loved this book and the leading character Perry Beck. He’s likeable and believable with a fascinating, mysterious past… Edward Turbeville’s writing is superb with an elegant, effortless feel that reminds me of Agatha Christie” – John Bainbridge

“The Lock was a very enjoyable read, and I can highly recommend it” – Daniela Kraml