The Poisoned Vol-au-vent

Who poisoned the canapés at the cocktail party?

Suburban society was backstabbing enough… now it’s deadly.

After a mysterious stranger arrives in Ashwold, a new bride is found dead.

Marjorie is determined to solve the mystery before the killer strikes again. But will she become the next target?

From coffee mornings to fondue nights, The Poisoned Vol-au-Vent is a classic murder mystery set in 1970s England.

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“This felt like reading a late Agatha Christie with elegant, concise writing, a circle of intriguing suspects and a deceptively clever plot” – John Bainbridge


“The Poisoned Vol-Au-Vent is a must read for anyone who enjoys a traditional British murder mystery. It’s easy to read, easy to follow, charming, and full of interesting, well-rounded personalities” – T G Campbell