Death at Delphi: pre-order for 99c

My new murder mystery novel, Death at Delphi, is now available to pre-order on Amazon for just 99c. You can also preview the first three chapters on Wattpad.

Set in England and Greece, Death at Delphi is a classic British whodunnit in the style of Agatha Christie. Featuring intrigue, adventure and romance, it’s in the “cosy” genre of murder mystery.

I have some ARCs (advance review copies) available, so if you’re a mystery fan and would like one, please drop me a line either by email, or add me on Goodreads.

Whose bones lie in Caroline’s grave?

  • A mysterious drowning.
  • A dead person seen alive.
  • A secret society reviving ancient rites.
  • Rumours of smuggling, espionage and betrayal.

When a handsome stranger asks Jayne for help, her quest takes her to Greece where a web of lies, intrigue, and jealousy is soon laid bare.

But how can Jayne unravel the intrigue of her friend’s death, when no one will believe her?

And where is Caroline now?

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