The Lock – now available on Amazon

The-Lock-smallIt’s very exciting to announce that my latest Murder Mystery novel, The Lock, has just been released on Amazon and iBooks, as well as some other platforms. There is also a paperback version.

The Lock was fascinating to write. It’s two stories in one: the tale of Perry Beck’s past and how he came to be living a board a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal. And also the tale of how he is thrown into a murder investigation, and must use his near-magical lockpicking talent to stop the murderer striking again.

Canal boating or narrowboating was a new field of research for me. I hope I have presented the lifestyle accurately. I took some liberties with the geography of Oxford’s Port Meadow, including building two fictitious pubs by the canal.
My plan is for The Lock to be the first in a trilogy. We will learn more about Perry’s past in the next book, and the deadly secrets that have been withheld from him.



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